Boao Forum for Logistics 2017

December 6 to 7, with “new ideas, new trends, new logistics” as the theme 2017 Boao International Logistics Forum was held. This forum is sponsored by China Communications and Transportation Association, Hainan Provincial Department of Commerce, Hainan Provincial Department of Transportation and Shanghai Maritime University. It is hosted by China Media Association and China Federation of Logistics Cities. It is sponsored by China City Logistics Research Center, China’s Investment and Financing of Logistics Alliance, International Maritime Enterprise Alliance (ISEA)), China (Shanghai) FTA Supply Chain Institute, Hainan Province Transportation and Logistics Association.

Pakistan’s national logistics company CEO Mushtaq Ahmed Fasel Eyck Mr. invited to attend the 2017 Boao International logistics forum and delivered a speech entitled ” Pakistan’s National Logistics Company and China – Pakistan economic corridor ” wonderful speech.

Major General Mushtaq Ahmed Faisal Speech

The following is an excerpt from the original speech:

As a logistics man, I am very proud and very fortunate to transport Chinese goods through Pakistan to other regions. We can transport Chinese goods directly to the rest of the European continent and Central Africa through the Economic Corridor Economic Belt. These areas can also receive goods directly from China.

In terms of technology construction , many Chinese enterprises are launching and strengthening their investments in Pakistan. We come from China investing more than any other country in the world. The investment amounting to over 100 billion yuan is mainly used for infrastructure construction in Pakistan, including railways, shipping and air transport.
In terms of rail transport , Pakistan’s major rail links to the northern region through the south, across the western and eastern continents, and has multiple routes operate simultaneously, so we can ship Chinese exports to other Central European regions by shorter routes.

In maritime transportation , we can reach Mora Harbor through Shanghai Port and transport it to Dubai, the Middle East and Africa. By 2020, we hope that the goods will be delivered directly to Pakistan through the central region. By 2030, we hope to build a port that connects directly to Pakistan through Xinjiang.

In the future, we hope to improve our management level and skills in the decomposition of large transport volumes, with an increase in overall investment, manpower, language, infrastructure maturity, and personnel and cultural understanding. Pakistan has been working hard to create an international atmosphere, so that Chinese logistics companies get more convenience. From the public level, the government level and the private SMEs level, we hope to start more cooperation and establish more bridges between the Chinese and Pakistani governments in order to facilitate the exchanges between our two peoples.

In addition, our business covers almost all parts of Pakistan, including some border logistics, port logistics, port logistics and other application technologies, training institutes and so on. We also hope that we can strengthen our transportation capabilities in the manufacturing sector to ensure that all transportation is carried out in an efficient and orderly manner.

Finally, I wish long-awaited friendship between China and Pakistan, thank you all.

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